Mobile Home Supply is so much more than simply a manufacturer of standard mobile units. We have been in the building and manufacturing industry for several decades and understand the needs of these industries. We understand the stress of our clients’ environments and the need for speed and reliability. The last thing you need when on a tight deadline is an inflexible supplier with a limited service offering. This is the reason why we offer you the following value-adding services:

Custom Requirements

If a standard unit is not going to solve your needs, we have capacity to assist with the planning and design of a mobile solution exclusively for you. Our manufacturing department is flexible enough to build your custom design and manufacture to your unique specifications. Of course, we have a range of standard options as well if speedy delivery is of the priority. 


Mobile Home Supply will deliver our units directly to your site, countrywide. In fact, we are able to extend you a full transport service for other goods as well, leaving you to focus on your core business.


Manufacturing and purchasing your own unit may not be advisable on short-term contracts. We understand this and are able to offer you a rental option as well, depending on your needs and availability of units.


At Mobile Home Supply quality is the driver. We will not build inferior units just to save a bit on the manufacturing cost. Neither will we cut corners at the risk of compromising the safety of your site.

To achieve this we use a special in-house manufactured panel for our units, built from Chromodek and Timber tone, depending on your needs.

The aim of Mobile Home Supply is to handle all your mobile accommodation and utility needs while you focus on running your site and adding value to your clients. Due to our experience in our industry we have perfected the way we handle this, and we are ideally positioned to serve your needs, big or small.

We invite you to contact us for further information about how we can take care of your particular requirements and needs.

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