Shower Unit


  • Units come fully equipped with geyser for each specific unit and amount of shower cubicles
  • Park home units can be used for this   
  • Comes in 6 meter x 2,4 meter & 12 meter x 2,4 meter in the steel container units
  • Park home units can be used for a wide variety of units:
      - (3 x 3)  
      - (3 x 6)  
      - (3 x 9)  
      - (3 x 12)
  • Unit come fully fitted with in house manufactured panel dividers between showers

Standard Application:

  • Field shower unit
  • Site shower unit
  • Combine with other units  for site project
  • Exclusive shower units for management

Novel Application:

  • Sports ground ablution facilities
  • Use as part of change house
  • Making the unit to your specific requirements

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